1. The pervasive appropriation and use of rap music and rap culture with not one single person of color present as a regular character directly tied into the plot.
  2. The use of the word “Moors” to refer to characters who are obviously Black. Trez and iAm are subservient to a white male vampire (Rehvenge) who just happens to be a drug-dealing, club-owning, substance-abusing (not to ignore his “handicap” but still) pimp.
  3. The absence of women of color and vampires of color.
  4. The heavy Christian overtones. Just bludgeon me already!
  5. The heavy references to designer labels. Capitalism and classism, people.
  6. The homoerotic relationships with no real homosexual couples present in the books are an affront to the queer community as the book currently stands.
  7. The Scribe Virgin. Period.
  8. Vishous is a misogynist. I understand the deal with his mom, but, jeez, its so apparent.
  9. Lover Enshrined. The whole thing.
  10. Bella, Marissa, Beth, Jane, Cormia, Mary & Rhage. The caveman-eat-from-my-hand-guard-you-with-my-knife-traps-you-in-my-mansion-for the rest of your life-for-”your safety and mine”-but-its-all-your-choice-of-course thing. That’s all I’m saying.

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