Because of the literary critic in me, I have often been accused of hating the authors I read.

I have three souls, three places from where I speak primarily about literature that I’m interested in–the the fan, the writer, and the social literary critic. On message boards for authors, this automatically makes me the enemy to readers who read for escapism and readers who are just plain die hard fans with nothing better to do than flame and get snarky with me as if I am their mortal enemy.

If you think my criticizing the work of an author that I love, like, or find tolerable is too much to handle or that my comments prove that I’m not fan enough, then you haven’t seen what I do to the authors’ work that I absolutely DETEST.

There’s a huge difference.

Love? Hate? Those two are vastly overrated… 🙂

Those two are shorthand capitalist marketing ploys used to determine the success of sales.

Love and hate do not even begin to delve into the complexity of human emotion.


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