There is a new piece on Ms. Queenly’s Blog entitled “Racialized Censorship”. Check it out. I can at least be honest and for real about my thoughts here.

The second half is for readers by invitation only.


In some ways, I was very fortunate that I got to spend Thanksgiving at a wealthy white classmate’s house on Mercer Island. My family got to be together back home in Georgia, but when I told them about my evening they said they didn’t have nowhere near what I got to experience. I even got to escape my racist white housemates (who are moving out together, by the way–white flight? Maybe, but thank God!).

I was fortunate in some ways, I think.

In other ways…I was cursed! Check out my Thanksgiving experience on Ms. Queenly’s Blog at!

For real, always,

Ms. Queenly


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