As an avid reader of paranormal/fantasy/romantica/etc., I can now say without a doubt that J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is a series that I will not be purchasing again. I got it for my birthday, but her last book nearly cost 40 bucks and to top it off it wasn’t that great, for reasons I will soon comment on.

The last book I actually bought was Lover Enshrined and I’ve regretted it ever since. I’ll buy with skepticism and return soon after from now on.

The Queen


2 thoughts on “Its Official

  1. I’m surprised you chose to purchase her books again after they tried to run you off the message board. Any author whose boards are that closely monitored makes me extremely wary (cough Hamilton cough). Frankly I liked maybe 2 of Ward’s books, but the rest sucked. I found the characters to be caricatures of real people rather than having any true depth. Ooh, and I skipped over all the parts with the lessers…bored me to tears. She’s just not a very good writer.

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