This post pertains to events that occurred on November 24 2009.

4 of my threads on J.R.Ward’s message board have pulled by moderators in less than a couple of hours. The threads were “Race Issues in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series”, “Homoeroticism in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series”, “A Little Respect: The Ladies in BDB”, and “Rap and Rap Culture in BDB”. I rubbed the mods and admins the wrong way with my radical activist and Black feminist views.

Most of all, I rubbed the hardcore, die-hard fans and the lazy escapist readers the wrong way!

100+ views for two of the threads, I think. I don’t know how many they really got because they were pulled so fast! Over 600+ views (720+ for one of them) for two of the those threads. 600+ views! For people who didn’t want to listen to what I had to say, they sure did look…A LOT! And read a lot of it, too, apparently.


Message boards for authors are a joke. At least in my experience. Ward’s BDB message board, in particular, a place for hardcore white, middleclass, feminist-wannabes to vent about much they LUV machismo, being oppressed, and reading about other white women who are internally oppressed and like being oppressed just like them. Its sad. Then you have women of color, poor, and/or working class women who read this romantic redressing of old anti-feminist and first and second wave white feminist archetypes and are sucked in by it. It is also a place for escapism and a extension of the marginalization and exotization of minority people including Hispanic/Latinos, Black and African peoples, Muslims, and the queer community.

I had much of a similar problem with moderators on Laurel K. Hamilton’s boards. My previous account was suspended maybe once or twice and I received plenty of warnings from mods who pulled my threads. But it was the snarky white members that were really causing all the problems. That’s why I voluntarily left the boards there.

The mods and admins are angry and they are the gods of BDB Boardom! I hath been judged and warned!

But seriously.

I really am tired of not having a flame-free environment online at the very least to discuss the issues I find in the series that I read with reasonable people who are open to understanding the social implications of the books they read. I am sick to death of lazy ass mods and capitalist white-minded site admins who want to satisfy their white readers at the expense of minorities.


6 thoughts on “Author Message Boards in General

  1. I’d love to say that the mods are any less aggravating. But I will say that it’s not so much a racial thing as anyone who dares post anything more than mindless cheering despite the glaring discrepancies, dwindling quality of the stories and major social issues that just BEG to feed a healthy discussion or debate.

    1. So true. I can give a tone of examples of when I’ve been blocked by mods.

      However, I will still argue that, for me as a Black woman, it certainly is a racial issue along with everything else too.

      thanks for posting!

  2. You’re welcome, and I do see your point. I know of other groups that have made the same remarks. And none of the lame responses from JRW or the mods mitigate it in the least. It’s incredibly frustrating to enjoy a book, and want to discuss the issues it addresses and to be so thoroughly and mean-spiritedly shot down.

    Have you ever read any of L.A. Banks books? Her Vampire Huntress series is so well thought out and written. And she even puts discussion questions at the end! One of the best paranormal/scifi series ever done.

    1. There are definitely things I enjoy about a series like the BDB, but it really IS very frustrating and insulting to not only be ignored and shot down mean-spiritedly by the mods and rabid fans but also by the author (in effect).

      People often mention LA Banks to me, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get my hands on one of her books. I’d like to give it a shot.

  3. I dotn know about JR Ward but with the Laurel K. Hamilton board its definitely a case of cant say anything bad against the author.
    I once posted an observation that LKH must put a lot of herself into Anita because whenever i read her blog it just sounded like Anita talking. Almost immediately a mod swooped in and butchered my post removing not only my observation about LKHs narrative voice but also a big chunk of the rest of my post which had the effect of completely changing the meaning of my post. And then the mod made a little post saying ‘no criticising the author :)’

    Imh experience usually the only place you can freely discuss the issues of race/sexuality/religion/etcetera of an authors work without getting jumped on by any mods and uber fans is on the ‘other author’ subforums of a different authors website but they arent usually as busy as the official message board.

    1. Yes, I’ve had my issues with the delicate egos of particularly white writers, especially the ones who exhibit racist and sexist writing patterns then have no intentions of listening to the criticism they deserve. Its like, someone took the time to read your book and has something that needs to be said about and should be taken to heart. I’m not saying listen to every person and their two cents, but be able to decide what holds weight and what doesn’t and try a new approach.

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