Several updates are coming soon. I’ve been meaning to Issue Christine Feehan for a minute but its been so long since I set her stuff aside for good that I’ve thankfully forgotten what bugs me so much about it. Why dredge up the past, huh?

I could go on and on about Laurell K. Hamilton. Shoot, just in mentioning her name, I thought of about five things I want to talk about concerning Anita Blake

I’m so through with JR Ward, its not even funny anymore. Suffice to say, I’ve written her off… That doesn’t mean that I won’t speak specifically on how f*ed up her shyt is and why.

Maybe I’ll do some YA commentary stuff, like Lynne Ewing and definitely Rowling. I’ll also be talking about what I’ve read, bought, or seen recently. Look for the updates, coming soon.



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