Ghost Whisperer, A Review

And I thought this was going to be really good. It started out well and just went downhill, particularly at the end of the first season.

***Spoiler Alert***

This review contains spoilers

  1. Typecasted Friends: First, Melinda (the main character played by Hewitt) had a tall Black friend, then she had a tall “full-figured” friend. Methinks I see typecasting. Melinda’s abilities to see, sense, and talk to the dead somehow situates her with the rest of society’s most stereotyped undesirables.
  2. Oh and let us not forget how (horribly, in some cases) men of color are presented—Latino, Asian, Black. Hewitt did a good job acting like a scared little white girl in some of those scenes.
  3. Black Sidekick Character: Of course they killed off the only Black person in the series who was main character in the first season. Not only that, they typed her as a comedian and a sidekick.
  4. Small Town Colorblind Racism and Race Representation: With the exception of less than a handful of the episodes and one episode in particular, the show had a pretty much typical “multiculti” (my pet euphemism for multiculturalism and multiculturalist) theme to it.
  5. Jim: So he dies and jumps into somebody else’s body, losing his memory of his life (although I understand it all comes back to him slowly). Some scriptwriter realized that killing him off was a very bad idea too late after the fact.
  6. Barbie Doll Jennifer: I loved a lot of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s outfits in the show, but I wasn’t very comfortable with the whole petite-white-fairy-princess theme expressed from early on. I never did like Tinkerbell or the Disney Princesses all that much.
  7. Professor Rick: He and Melinda almost had something going and anybody with two eyes can see it!!! I read that the actor went to a different show after his character left, never returned, to go on sabbatical. I liked his and Melinda’s bantering. It was cute and amusing.
  8. Its Always, Always An ACCIDENT: In almost every episode of Ghost Whisperer, it turns out to be an accidental death. With all the malicious, horrendous murders and crimes that take place in the United States, I find it very hard to suspend my disbelief when this show focuses on the ones that turn out, after some degree of investigating, to be accidents. You could say that this is why Melinda doesn’t live in the city and chose a small town (regardless of all the mess surrounding her heritage) or you could say this is a really lame, badly plotted, PG-13 show.
  9. Melinda and Jim: I actually think their relationship is one of the most believable ones I’ve ever seen fictionally depicted. Their bumps and obstacles are portrayed well, and so is their affection for one another.
  10. Go into the light *rolls eyes*: I kinda find the whole light and dark theme a little annoying. Such a cliché.
  11. Whatever happened to that guy that was supposed be her half-brother anyway? Complete plot hole.
  12. Patriarchy rules again: I’ve noticed that plenty of shows seem to script powerful female characters giving birth to boys when they get pregnant during the course of the show. Melinda is no different. I like the somewhat feminist tone of the show, even with her mother’s attitude toward her own and Melinda’s abilities. Then they script write that Melinda’s child is a boy who, of course, will have greater abilities than she herself*rolls eyes* Typical.
  13. Aw, Melinda is crying—again: She cries in every episode! Or at least most of them, especially the first and second season through. They tried to toughen her up a bit in the third season but I didn’t believe it.
  14. Creepy: On another positive note, they actually had some stuff in there that was kind of creepy. Good job.

A lot of fans want the show to air again. I’m not so sure I can agree… I watched it a couple of times, particularly the first and second seasons. Eventually I made sure that my mom didn’t by the final seasons because I thought they were a load of crap.

For what it’s worth, Ghost Whisperer wasn’t that bad…at first. But I got over the novelty of it soon enough.


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