Hi to all reading this, those who are new, and those who visit every now and again. There’s a new drop down on the menu bar, ‘Erotica Vulgarity’, which serializes my thoughts on using sexual language in erotic and romantic writing primarily and my challenges with it.

Why do I hesitate when I’m about to say something sexually explicit in a story even when it what the story calls for or what my character is thinking what she says? When is sexual language just tasteless and raunchy, or racist and fetishizing?

It’s not actually complete yet, but going ahead and posting it is helping me figure out how to break it up in parts. I will also be posting the entire article as well for those who just want the crash course. I haven’t even posted the most explicit parts yet.

The ‘Erotica Vulgarity’ section is EXPLICIT, DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Also, this section is under construction…check back for more.

ever more explicit,

Ms. Queenly


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