I’m tough to please in most arenas. I know that. I don’t settle. And I know that.

I stopped by and read the background bit/bio written by Laurell K. Hamilton about herself. As much as I criticize and sometime even loathe the Anita Blake series, I can’t help but admire this author. I realized it as I was reading and couldn’t help but smile.

She’s one writer that I can honestly say is published for a good reason. She has skill. She’s talented.

I am kind of disturbed by her track record in horror, as outlined in the ‘Laurell’ section on her website. I know sometimes Anita does things to creep people out in a show of power and I wonder about the information Hamilton selected to place in her biography. All the physical, psychological, and sexual violence the in ABVH series, plus her history in the horror genre (what she’s said she started out writing) makes me wonder about her being a sociopath herself. I believe this kind of writing has an effect on the mind and spirit and, to say the least, I find her writing “track record”…disturbing, kind of inhumane, and…frankly…creeeeepy.

But, then again, I think the same thing about Stephen King. What kind of person writes this stuff, you know?

Even so, I don’t know if I’ll ever make as big as her, but I love how she has shown everybody who ever said she wouldn’t make that they’re a bunch of fucking liars and I take heart in her success. I wonder if I’ll ever look back on all the people who said I wouldn’t/couldn’t make it with my writing style and energy and go “Muhahaha!”

I don’t want to follow her on my new Twitter buuut…I’m thinking about it, to be honest, just to show a little support (though she has enough of that, that’s why she’s still publishing). I also don’t want to overpraise her either. There’s definitely some stuff about her books that get on my nerves, for sure, and I talk about it extensively here. Call it bitchin’ and moanin’, whatever it is to whoever, I do my best.

for real honest,



9 thoughts on “Laurell K. Hamilton: Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding?

  1. I used to be an avid fan of LKH’s up until I started college (so like 4 years ago). Though I found LKH to be an incredibly talented writer, I can not say that I enjoyed the AB series as it became more fixated on sex and power.

    I also had a lot of personal problems with how Anita found fault with women who weren’t the same size as her, and the fact that although Anita says she doesn’t watch a lot of TV, seemed to hold a lot of opinions about American society. Which seemed inconsistent with how out of touch she really was.

    Then I felt like she only created the Gentry series because it gave her an excuse to write about sex and how it be integral to the plot. And I also loathed her comment on why she didn’t make Anita open to same-sex relations, and the overall fact that Anita never seemed interested or capable in forming relationships with other powerful women. In fact, Anita spends most of the time beating women into submission or butting heads with them either sexually (taking their men) or in terms of power.

    Plus, I found Anita to be such an unlikeable character, it seemed unfeasible that so many men would want to sleep with her simply because of how she looked. Which became an annoying facet, as she nursed one wound from her entire past to justify her poor self-image.

    So while I enjoyed LKHs’ writing ability, her characters are insatiably detestable.

    1. I totally agree with you on 98% of your comment, at least. The books are a lot about sex and power, sometimes I think the sex is gratuitous but as a romantica writer I’m always looking what’s good. Even though a lot of the sex here is gratituous, like I said, and a waste of page space–I just never say it out loud to myself. The power politics get into the realm of being completely disgustingly contrived but still intriguing for me.

      I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore of Hamilton’s books, as I’ve said here before. Her skill as a writer compel me, but her heroines–not my cup of tea.

      Its interesting you should say that about Anita and same sex relationships because she pretty much has had sex with two women already, almost. Jade, this new character, and Belle Morte. What did Hamilton say?

      Its such an extensive series that I’ve talked about it quite a bit here. Racial issues and women’s issues (like you said, the situations with Anita and other women just pisses me off). I’ve written some other posts about it, if you’re interested. As I am writing about it until I’m tired of writing about it, even though it may be a waste of time, the next post is entitled “Anita Blake–Half-Latina–Who knew!?”. I’ll also be linking all my LKH posts to the Issued: LKH section on the menu up top.

      I’m trying not give up on it because besides doing my own writing, this is all I skim. Its rare to find someone (Black) who actually has something to say about this, so thank you for offering your thoughts.


      1. Oh no problem! I don’t read any urban fantasy or paranormal romance since a lot of it tends to mimic LKH in some way, shape or form. So now I just read comics.

        I forget the specifics, but basically she tells the story of how she and her husband go to the mall (or some other public place) and check out girls. She and her husband have different tastes, so from this she concludes that she can’t talk about same sex relationships because she doesn’t find the same women as her husband does attractive. I didn’t understand then, and I don’t really get it now. I read it on her blog ages ago, so if you google it, you might be able to find it. But this was also a really long time ago.

        I’d love to read your other Anita Blake entries. I haven’t met very many people who actively read her, and since she’s the only series I really read for a long time, I have a stronger dislike for her than others.

  2. She copied that quote from a character of an obscenely popular anime and manga franchise.
    His name is Aizen Sousuke and he stars in Bleach.
    That phrase was coined years ago.

    1. And so what? Is it a problem that I used the quote? I both watch and follow Bleach. I didn’t “copy” the quote from anywhere, I used it. If Tite Kubo shows up and tries to sue me, I’ll see if the law forces me to change the title, or if he requests/demands. Until such a time, its the title of a post, you should grow up and put your pointed finger down. I know where the quote came from.

      #basic bitches on the internet

  3. Apologies, I must’ve misinterpreted your post.
    I thought Laurell K Hamilton had quoted Kubo and included it somewhere in her book.
    And Tite Kubo wouldn’t sue even if that was the case, if his encounter with the Simmons plagiariser is anything to go by.

    1. Oh, okay, no problem. I always thought that was an interesting quote from Kubo/Aizen and was thinking way too deeply about this woman’s writing. So when I wrote the post’s title, I was also seriously thinking about the meaning of this quote.

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