I went ahead and finished watching the Black Butler anime. These are my final comments.

  1. I won’t lie, I kind of enjoyed the stuck up, overdone British European style of dress, dining, manner, and decor if only for aesthetic purposes.
  2. I think Ciel is a lazy but strong-willed brat who can’t physically really do anything on his own, mostly because he thinks his shit, unlike everybody else’s, smells like roses.
  3. Underneath its appearance of sentimentality, Black Butler is really an anime that is about the arbitrariness of contracts, agreements, and deals. In keeping with its theme of existentialist notions, it presents logic as just as arbitrary as people’s emotions. Which is a good and a bad thing.
  4. I enjoyed the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian and Claude and Alois, Alois and Hannah to a lesser extent. I’m not into forced subservience and I also find myself frustrated with subservient characters sometimes, but the whole butler thing is at times appealing to me, probably because I can think of many ways in which this kind of relationship can be fun in a roleplaying kind of way, haha ^_^! This is where you slap my shoulder and call me a pervert, whatever.
  5. Hannah: a brown woman with two little white kids in her stomach because she’s a demon who ate their souls after they contracted with her…?
  6. Alois…that was so tragic. He was a little jerk until the end of it. I was disgusted to my stomach at his behavior towards Hannah, him having put out her eye with his finger, beat and hit her regularly, and forcing her to take off her clothes. His history helped explain how he became that way, but he’s completely unforgivable.
  7. As much as I dislike Alois Trancey, I find it very it horrible that he is presented as being of less worth than Ciel because of his class status and oppressions in life. As if a soul can be measured by western European notions of wealth and aristocratic values. No angels came to “purify” or “save” Alois from his “uncleanliness”, that honor and sense of care (twisted though it may be) seems to be reserved for queens and earls.
  8. The presentation of the divine and damed is very interesting, as well as the categorizing and separation of demons from death gods (“soul reapers”) and death gods from angels.
  9. Personally, I could understand how Ciel and how Alois must have felt about what happened to him after he was sold into slavery though it was only hinted at (in Alois’ case, being born poor and sold into sexual slavery). My ancestors have endured it for centuries. Honestly because of their European whiteness, I felt a fraction of a degree less sympathetic towards them, especially Ciel considering that he comes from money and went back to money after being taken.
  10. Sometimes I got frustrated with Ciel’s depressing attitude and the consistent tone of misery, melancholy, existentialism, and apathy in the anime. Must be a white, European thing.
  11. Ciel just left the “servants” in the mansion behind, which I thought was just disturbing and deplorable, given how much they cared about him and how much he meant to them. He just left them so he could be with Sebastian–how selfish.
  12. These books are only recommended for mature audiences because they are both erotic romance novels, but Alois and Ciel remind me a lot of Robin Schone’s Michael and Gabriel (except they are friends who went into prostitution together in France and England rather than virtual strangers) from her books The Lover and Gabriel’s Woman, in some ways.
  13. The opening and closing animation and music is beautiful and poignant (hate that word, but I use it anyway), particularly “Monochrome Kiss” by SID and “Shiver” by GazettE.
  14. The presence of misogyny is evident in the anime, as there were few female characters really worth mentioning, just a lot of eye-candy, villains, and goofiness. Why do even female artists choose to portray female characters poorly in the interest of boy’s love and fraternity in this type of anime/manga? Can’t we have a healthy anime/manga that centers around guy-guy love and fraternity without female-hating?
  15. **SPOILER**: What was the point of going to a place where demons and humans are equal at the end of the anime if Ciel is no longer human himself?
  16. Did anybody else find it weird that Ciel and Sebastion’s relationship was latently sexual and at times openly intimate but Sebastion took on a form that greatly resembled Ciel’s dead father?
  17. At times I felt Ciel was just being pretentious. I really don’t like pretentious young people.
  18. At the same time that I found Ciel to be pretentious, I also like seeing animes where children are presented as competent and in positions where they prove that they have half-a-brain.
  19. At times I wondered if Ciel’s soul was supposed to be so delicious because he’s a little blue-eyed pasty white boy.
  20. Sebastian’s boots were really hot in his full demon form though we never get to see the rest of him. I loved that he stayed with Ciel, logically because he had no choice but really we know its because he has come to love him. Or at least that’s what I choose to believe.

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