This is what I wrote initially, please read to the end for the post script. My displeasure here shows.

Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer are just like wounds that I can’t stop picking at because they never heal anyway no matter how long I leave them alone. Days, months, years, a decade. Doesn’t matter. When it comes up, I like it until I remember why I started hating it.

I’ve been unfortunately reliving Buffy with my sister, who has all the sociological awareness of a teaspoon. She doesn’t care about herself let alone Black people’s history or positions in society so its kind of pointless talking with her about the finer points of racism in a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Why? She goes into her everything’s-not-‘Black-and-white’ mode, a fallacious argument given the context considering the fact that for seven seasons, 144 episodes, the majority of the Buffy cast is white and Black folks/people of color rarely appear and when they do they end up dead, with the exception of Robin Wood, the butt of some latently/overtly racist fun-having humor, sex objects, or doomed to disappear into set extra/side character hell.

Bones I just pick with portrayals of people of African descent:

  • The First Slayer
  • Kendra
  • Robin Woods
  • Nikki Woods
  • Forest
  • That evil demon woman played by Ashanti

But I’m kind of satisfied that this happened. It forced me into the mood to update this blog.

The sooner we stop trying to make racism out to be an arbitrary anomaly, the sooner we can really educate people about it for a better future.

UPDATE: Later, we talked about our disagreement and my sister explained that television is her escape from her own problems and even though she may be aware of issues of racism in what she sees and hears. All my sociological analysis ruins for her. I just stopped watching near the end of the series and refused to continue and that hurt her feelings because she wanted to watch it with me. I remembered why I wasn’t thrilled about the final season in particular period, especially that situation between Spike and Robin Woods.

I get that. I do but that doesn’t change my low tolerance for television entertainment drenched and sopping in ads pumped full of racism, sexism, classism, etc. We cannot continue to actively support the media that oppresses us.




6 thoughts on “Revisiting Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2: Black folks

  1. This is just overwrought and contrived. If you want to see racism in everything, you’re going to see it. And you left out a pretty significant villain…Mr. Trick, from Season 3. And let’s not forget that the First Slayer was an African chick.

    1. Girl shut up and stop wasting my time. I am not the first person on the planet to realize that Whedon/Buffy is racist, like most of main stream entertainment and American history itself.

      Just a word of advice: only pretentious idiots use the phrase “overwrought and contrived” when faced with something they don’t agree with and can’t back up why they don’t agree with it. I’m done.


  2. What about the episode ‘pangs’ which was wrought with sympathy for Native Americans yet we still had to sit there and watch them being slaughtered once again. Willow forgives herself for letting her instincts of violence get in the way of her morals. And lets not forget Whedon’s Dollhouse. The cruellest of all deaths was for the coloured guy – how predictable. Sorry, I’m rewatching buffy and like you, realized why I was so often annoyed by Whedon’s choices of character.

    1. I won’t even watch that episode, ‘pangs’. In fact, I skipped it the last time we did a run-through of the series for nostalgic purposes.

      Whedon’s take on people of color is disgusting and, dare I say it, racist.

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