“…all I saw was a redneck White man appropriating Indigenous culture. There isn’t even a single Native American in the cast, but apparently it’s okay to draw upon their history and their pain to make appoint.  This yet another example of how The Walking Dead fails when it comes to race. Appropriation no matter the reason, is never acceptable.” –Fangz for Fantasy

I know I’m thinking about this too much, but I keep having these conversations with her that lead absolutely no where but to me feeling frustrated with stupid people like myself for even engaging in these conversations.

My sister was outraged and said what she usually says to me when she wants to consume pop media without admitting it’s problematic or looking at it for what it really is: “Shannon, not everything is about Black and white and racism.”

To which I said: “This isn’t ‘Black and white’, in terms of race, and you’re just trying to say I’m being too sensitive or overly critical.”

She replied, “Yeah, but not everything is about that.”

To which I replied: “Yeah, but when it comes to a lot stuff on TV, it is.” Because the American media is dominated by white hegemony and saturated in it’s images and culture. And that spreads like a disease to almost everything else because that’s just how it operates.

Even at the Best Week Ever, somebody was confused.  I admit I didn’t get how the story was supposed to comfort this white woman at a time when her daughter is lost in the zombie-infested wilderness or city or whateva.


On the one hand, the kid was either dead with cherokee roses growing on or the near the place where her body was or she was zombie in a place where there were cherokee roses 0_0 *confused*

I commented on this at Fangz for Fantasy: The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 4: Cherokee Rose:

The thing is, I didn’t even see the episode, my sister, who watches the show, was telling me about it and we had a minor spat over the fact that I wasn’t okay with the Trail of Tears reference coming from a racist white man, fictional or not. I do have my issues with people who passively consume media and fawn over presentations of the “good whitey” fallacy. A person doing good deeds, like Darryl, can still be a bigot.

As much as we might use our imaginations or lived realities to sympathize with the characters, a [white] woman who has lost her child in a dangerous area in a fictional situation in NO WAY COMPARES to the myriad systemic oppression, forced displacement, and genocide of an entire racial and ethnic group of peoples by white Europeans in the U.S. or anywhere else.

o_o *more confused* at how that reference was in any way appropriate to the situation, historical and present context, and not racist!!!

I’m done,



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