Well…at least ours wasn’t the book you liked the least. That’s something. Though I *am* sorry we made you give in. We’re like sirens that way. ;)  It’s my hope women never feel ashamed for reading our books, however, our the romance genre at large. Whichever emotions a book makes you feel, shame definitely shouldn’t be one of them. Many thanks for giving us another try, and much luck in finding books you love!
Kelli Collins
Ellora’s Cave

Dear Kelli Collins:

I am surprised that in the vastness of the blogoshere you came across my article on Elia’s Diamonds at all. I was somewhat humbled to see an editor in chief pop in there.

I realize that you may have approached my critique with good intentions and I understand that you were trying to be politely humorous in your response but I am really, really not amused with the romance publishing industry at all. This issue is not “cute” to me, and it wasn’t Ellora’s Cave itself that made me give in, so don’t get too full of yourself. I mean, if you were starving, wouldn’t you eat the things avaliable to you that don’t fill you up but keep you from dying? If you’ve only ever known a lover who doesn’t fulfill you but is the only person you can be intimate with, wouldn’t turn to them time and time again before realizing that they just can’t give you what you want? Maybe, maybe not, but these are working metaphors for my relationship with with publishers like Ellora’s Cave.

Because you really are like sirens and I think you should stop to wonder why it is you keep crashing people’s ships on the rocks, leaving them to drown, then thinking that it’s somehow funny.

Ellora’s Cave nor can any publisher please every single person. Please don’t think that I don’t understand that. Not every single book I’ve ever read from Ellora’s Cave has been a complete waste of time and simultaneously many of the titles under Ellora’s Cave have constantly reminded me that there is a deep-seated issue in the romance publishing industry and the industry at large. There’s plenty of reasons why I can say that that it but something tells me you’re not interested.

At one point, it was my dream to be published by a company like Ellora’s Cave when I was in high school. But the more I read, the more I realized that it’s a business and people don’t seem to care what they’re printing as long as it sells.

I know, I know. Don’t like it, don’t read it–the golden rule. But I sure wish exposed writers and publishers alike would, I don’t know, do something more than what I’m having the misfortune of stumbling across.


Taviante Queens

Elia’s Diamonds


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