Despite how abrasive I find the racial/ethnic mess of presentation that is the character of Killer B, I managed to catch up with the subbed episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

I just have so many issues with Killer B. He
racist caricature
I can barely stand to listen to him so its hard for me to watch the newer subbed episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

There aren’t many clearly brown people in this series. But you just cannot ignore the racism present in a character like Killer B.

Here’s most of my beef:

  1. Killer B is called ‘Killer’ B and happens to be a big brown dude.
  2. Can we have a brown character that doesn’t have blonde hair?
  3. What’s with the rapping, posing, giving concerts, and doling out dap? That’s what really bugs me about B and what I feel undeniably marks him as a caricature of Black hip-hop culture, which the Japanese and whites are known for making fun of. Eminem was enough.
  4. Standing with the Raikage, bursting through walls, popping with muscles, and acting all aggressive doesn’t help.
  5. He is bestial, unrealistically oblivious, and unrealistically unphased by his situation. Like he’s just stupid instead of wise.
  6. Laconic comic relief (another stereotype)
  7. Yeah, the whole getting along so well with animals and being so “dark-skinned”, masculine and “in touch nature” is yet another stereotype.
  8. His hair is unmistakably fashioned in imitation of corn rolls–’nuff said
  9. When I think about it, I think I actually might have liked Killer B as a character if his crafting had been a little more subtle and careful. But the core of his character relies on too many racist, shorthand stereotypes for me see any depth or originality.




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