This episode is probably the most hated episode for me, excluding two or three episodes that I intentionally didn’t watch.

It’s completely racist (Paige gets to be the white savior, champion of the Black male delinquent; using a corrupt legal system to get a PoC to get his life together; two white people making a bet on Black persyn’s life–great). Then on top of that, its completely sexist, relying on the Greek myth of Hippolyta’s belt.

If a woman is too powerful and too radical, then she must be a angry vicious murderer and separatist that wants to kill all men, regardless of what they’ve done.

This reminds me of when Chris’s future self killed three Amazons to get their amulets so the charmed ones could go to the Amazons’ island and save Leo and Piper. And was never punished, because Leo let him off the hook.

And I never really thought about how heterosexist the show is.

Is this what they think balance is?

Of all the directions they could have taken Hippolyta’s belt, they chose this one.

Now, I already don’t like Billie–dislike her even more than I dislike Paige. Couldn’t stand Paige because she replaced Pru. You have all these silly hos panting after dick and chasing dreams of babies and happy white middleclass domestic situations (its the way its presented, not the fact that they want to have children or enjoy men). The fact that Piper didn’t have a girl as this supreme magical being and Wyatt is treated like a Christ-like figure in terms of his birth and magical abilities. The good/evil dichotomy. Cultural appropriation everywhere. The othering of different magic traditions. Add this up with all the inherent racism and that deplorable episode where Phoebe is narrating like the show is fucking Sex in the City…

Charmed is just not charming anymore.

I’m just watching until the end to say I saw the whole thing (if I even do that).


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