I was reading this post and Aisha Tyler was mentioned.

Now I’m not following her career or anything, but I was really pissed when Aisha Tyler was killed off on Ghost Whisperer, which I’ve already written my thoughts about.

She was the colorblind Black sidekick (to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s weepy character who cried at the end of almost every episode for the two seasons that I watched). My perception of how they handled her position on the show fluctuated and finally flopped with her not-unexpected death.

I kind of liked Ghost Whisperer at first, my mom turned me on to it. And when they killed of Aisha Tyler’s character, I was pretty much done with it.

In relation, the spiritual realm, all these things people are calling occult or supernatural, is just another whitewashed fad, more so now than ever it seems. All these shows on the air about white people dealing with spirits are for shits, giggles, and thrills, there’s no respect, just profit and entertainment.

My mom happened to be watching Paranormal State. This episode talked about the team visiting a haunted jail in Charleston, South Carolina. Apparently they were talking about slavery and Black people were imprisoned there and tortured. The title of the episode is “Spirits of the Slave Dungeon”.

A Black anthropologist basically explained to the team (with lots of emphasis on the white members) going in there that their reasons for going in were purely selfish and the people who had suffered there deserved respect. Which is exactly how I feel about plantations that are used as tourist attractions. I think Black people should be able to go there and leave offerings to their ancestors without white, capitalist invasion.

I’m done with this because places of such suffering and unaddressed injustice shouldn’t be used for entertainment.


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