Two members originally from the United States?

“Feel-good music”

“We are all one big family”

Home Made Kazoku, are you denying that your music is influenced by Black hip-hip/rap artists? Maybe a lot?

Because I can hear it in the music, shawty, fa real.

See how you can slap any race other than Black on Black American art and everybody think its better or less controversial than the source?

I’m not always proud of rap as a genre because of how it comes out, but I’m rubbed because now everybody wants to act all post-racial, art is for everyone, everybody wants to borrow and co-opt, when Black people have never been credited or honored for being great in the first place. We are still treated as less, and from what I understand Japan has a certain degree of anti-Blackness as a nation yet somehow a Black art form seems to be very popular there.


2 thoughts on “Home Made Kazoku [HOME MADE 家族, “home made family”]

  1. On one hand there is appropriation of this sort going on, with artists, producers, and the “normative” media ignoring or denying the influences and sources of their work (which is ungrateful as well as damaging to said ignored or denied sources). On the other hand there is exotification in the intentional exaggeration of influences and sources from a culture or people that is rendered pleasing to the (white) normative palette because of its reduction to mystery and the safety of created distance from the assumed narrative “norm.” These trends don’t necessarily encompass the whole of art, but they pop up too frequently for us to think of them as happenstance, or inconsequential with regard to the social, cultural, and psychological affirmation of a “de-racialized” racial norm and the denigration of that which moves and grows outside of its prescribed art and experience.

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