Both are abysmal metaphors and analogies for racism in reality, unless you count casting and characterization :-D. Always ask yourself–

Are white people portrayed as equally oppressed (oppressed in the same ways, that is) as non-white people??

If the answer is yes, in terms of concepts, plots, and ideas in the film and/or book/comic, then it is NOT a working metaphor or analogy for racism in real life. Its another diversity bullshit campaign.

These films/books/comics are NOT working metaphors for actual racism in real life, no matter how much people like to reference and fantasize about them. We are not all “fighting the good fight”.


2 thoughts on “What do ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘X-Men’ both have in common?

    1. Yeah, that’s true, but the point is movies like X-Men: First Class take it to a whole different level with the way the producers co-opted and appropriated from Black justice movements and history.

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