I don’t care too much for Charles Xavier.

Xavier has probably the most suspicious and dangerous power, yet is portrayed as the least dangerous because

  1. he’s white
  2. he’s British—> “cultured” —> arrogant/cajoling/deceptively charming
  3. pacifist

To top it all off, he relies on the same Eurocentric ideologies that were used to enslave Africans/Black peoples, and to this day label us as inferior.

And through Xavier, Britain is again centered as the source of knowledge, safety, wisdom, intelligence, civilization, wealth, power, and, most importantly, goodness.

Other thoughts about X-Men: First Class have been posted to my Tumblr, which I usually would not link here, but here goes. There’s not much more to be said…


8 thoughts on “After reviewing ‘X-Men: First Class’,

    1. Yeah, the portrayal of Charles Xavier in this movie contradicted some of my ideas of him.

      At the same time, maybe his characterization is just flawed from its inception to me and it took seeing this younger version of him for me to realize it.

      1. He was always a MLK type dude, now he did question his own beliefs about humans and mutants living in peace at times….but he was never chasing a bunch of women, drinking in bars….in the comic is only really fell for two women in his lifetime.

      2. Maybe so. I guess I kind of viewed him as in the ranks of MLK, too, which is why the First Class portrayal of his younger self was such an offensive disappointment, considering how much the creators of the series and the movies co-opt from Black Power movements.

      1. The best X-Men sh** was the animated series from the 90’s….in the movies even Wolverine is an pompous a$$hole LOL….hollywood sucks when it comes to Superhero movies….the only ones I liked were the Tim Burton Batmans and the Blade Movies.,,,and Robocop if that counts.

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