I really tried not to pay any attention to this Spielberg Lincoln film but my sister’s guy friend paid for her to see it and she mentioned it to me. I was beyond disgusted with a waste of money as well as a waste of time, for even my passive sister said that Abraham Lincoln was totally romanticized.

Disney was damned since way before Pocahontas. Quentin Tarantino–HELL NO! And this Lincoln vampire hunter shit and this Spielberg shit–just NO. Y’all really have time and money to be fantasizing about ahistorical narratives of Lincoln as less of an oppressor than he really was and as a vampire hunter, but no time to learn why the very idea is racist and unhelpful to America and probably the world?

The truth? I want more people to be as sick and tired as I am of idiots romanticizing figures like Abraham Lincoln.

I am beyond sick of this country expecting me to worship, shell out money, salute, and place my hand over my heart for white murderers, racists, rapists, slavers, warmongers, and generally well-rounded oppressors. I am tired of watching the deluded masses do so but I’m afraid I’ll have to put up with it for the rest of my life.

Lincoln and Jefferson thought that Black people were inferior. They did not see us as fully human.

Unfortunately, white people tend to romanticize and promote a society which romanticizes their best examples of progressive thinking and activism–and its pathetic. They don’t understand why I am not impressed. Why do I not love and am not grateful to their vaunted heroes for our “liberation”. They are offended by many of our refusals to bow down and worship their golden idols. These people are not my heroes, and yes, I judge the people who validate them.

What’s key here is who has the power. White people wrote laws that enslaved us. They wrote a law that they claim “freed” us. But what they refuse to acknowledge is that the horror and inhumanity is not in enslaving us in the first place but in believing and enforcing the idea that “We can so we did”; they refuse to acknowledge that this is not a power that should belong to them. They refuse to relinquish power, to turn themselves over to nonviolence and equality. Their fault is the blind belief in and justification of their own constructed superiority and greed. That is what makes oppressors. Their belief that they have the right to decide the fate of an entire race for their own purposes.

They put a system in place that locks and keeps us from deciding our own fate in society. They write and white us out of our own histories and culture, miseducate us with theirs, all the time claiming its our own fault we have no power because we lack ambition, care, and intelligence, we lack civility, know how, and a sense of fair play. They’ve never understood that their inhumanity lies in the fact that they think our lives are games.

As long as there are monuments, of any kind, predominately built and dedicated to corrupt white men who were unapologetically dedicated to oppression all over this country, as long as this country refuses to acknowledge its past and continues to white out the “unpleasant” portions of its history for the people it has always benefited (white racists and their agents), it will never know peace, it will never justice, it will never know god, trust, liberty, or equality. America cannot transform and truly live by all the things it claims it stands for.


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