I used to like Roy Mustang…but, ya know, now that I’ve seen the 2009 FMA anime, the whole I’m-going-to-help-murder-most-of-you-Ishvalans-now-so-I-can-become-Fuhrer-and-be-the-savior-of-the-handful-of-you-that-are-left-later thing is fucked up to the maximum. Totally unforgivable.

Its just the kind of whacky, racist, multiculturalist-nutmeg-fantasy bullshit I’ve come to expect.

And get this, get this, y’all:

They’re also going to use the Philosopher’s Stone that they created by murdering and ripping hundreds of Ishvalan souls from their bodies to heal Roy even after he slaughtered and burned their people to a crisp during the war.

It seems their country will always be run by war criminals, who kill and brutalize first then try to apologize later. Hmm…wonder if anybody can think of any real-life examples of this in history? ^_^ I desperately wish we could blame these kinds of atrocities on homunculi in real life and unite against them; however our “sins” remain inside of our bodies and apart of us so we can’t blame it on creatures materialized from the other side of the Gate. My wrath and envy are not okay with this.

Of course, the Ishvalans don’t use alchemy, but there’s the question of why a Stone they created using the lives and souls of Ishvalan people would remain in the hands of their murderers for personal use without even asking the Ishvalans (who are underrepresented in the series as a whole except in war scenes where they’re being blown up, shot down, and generally slaughtered)? With the exception of “Scar” and Miles (who is pointedly identified as racially mixed).


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