I want to pay my respects to the late L.A. Banks by not having my first post about her work be me taking issue with it.

However, I just can’t contain myself. The disappointment is so great. She shall be Issued.

I recently read Minion, Book I of the Vampire Huntress series. The bible-thumping, heterosexism, healthism, and classism is expected, kind of comes with the territory of a despicable genre like urban fantasy combined with paranormal/vampire fiction and romance.

My primary issue, pros and cons considered, is Carlos Rivera being Damali’s love interest (“her man”, as it were).

Now, having only read the first book, I can’t say how he will develop. However, I am overwhelmed with disgust for him as a character and Damali’s obvious inability and lack of desire to just do better. This is worse than Richard Zeeman and the whole Black Dagger Brotherhood shit party put together. I am even more disappointed to see that it seems Carlos isn’t going anywhere after reading the descriptions for the whole series. So far he has:

–objectified/commodified/dehumanized women

–dissed his own family and roots

–plagued his community with drugs for his own profit, ego, and comfort

–literally sold his soul for money and power

among other things.

If Carlos Rivera is any indication, its all good to go on about “bitches and hos” until minions of satan talk about raping the one woman on the face of the Earth that you like and claim to care about. Its like a long, long Jay-Z song.

Like, he’s not even a human being at this point. Forget this, “reformed sinner” crap–I can see why he becomes what he becomes and even if he sprouted wings and flies to heaven by the end of the series I don’t know if I can accept him or bring myself to read another book. L.A. Banks wasted a lot of time (that should have been used developing Damali as a solid Black heroine) on this loser wannabe excuse of a human and her fantasies of him.

What’s with this “bad boy” theme in urban fantasy fiction. Having a passionate male lover who’s a decent human being just isn’t enough for people? Why do these writers’ fantasies involve these trashy, violently sexist dudes? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. If this is how you get people to buy books, I’ll never sell one.

The first fantasy romance book I read written by a Black woman where the heroine is Black and most of the main characters are Black and she has to be in love with a great big honking misogynist drug lord.

My dearly departed sista, L.A. Banks, you betrayed me before I knew thee.




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