BiC, “for her”.

I asked myself, Is this real?

And I thought it was a marketing flop that would disappear after I saw a random picture of it online somewhere a while back.

Obviously not.

My mom knows I write a lot and will buy me pens, journals, and notebooks whenever she happens across something affordable that she thinks I might like. I specifically told her the last time she went into the cursed Walmart to never buy me any of this ridiculous shit; she obviously forgot my mini rant about how stupid, shortsighted, and narrow-minded any thoughts that went into these “for her” pens must’ve been.  I asked her to return them to the store as soon as possible. 

I mean, if they work for your hand or grip, good for you. If you like the design, good for you. If you like the easy glide, good for you.

But its so incomprehensible why pens need a gender label. A pen is a pen, and if a person wants to buy it they will and if they don’t they won’t. BiC, please get it together. Because I do not need slick, cutesy marketing/packaging to tell me what pens I’d like to buy. This company makes me feel ashamed to own any of their products with this nonsense.


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