I was very disappointed and low-key pissed off when my sister told me that white kids were using Trayvon Martin as a Halloween costume with hoodie, candy, beverage, and even the bullet wound, equipped with blackface. I wish my sister would stop telling me this stuff, lord knows I don’t go looking for it. What did I expect? Really, I mean they’ve been dressing up like faux Pocahontas forever. This is America where nothing is respected and nothing is sacred except little pieces of green paper and white skin.

Let’s entertain a cautionary Goosebumps special version of this scenario. If this was a television production. Even if little white Tommy dressed as Trayvon Martin and was turned into this hunted and murdered Black boy for an entire evening by some whim of spooky magic, they’d still have to cast an actual Black person to play his transformed self or it would defeat the entire point of audiences thinking he actually learned any lessons about systemic white racism and the continuing failure of the justice system in America. Because everybody knows Tommy isn’t Black—that’s is what so many people think is funny about blackface.


The audience would actually have to believe this white child is Black and the only way to do that is to cast a Black person pretending to be a little white shit who is pretending to be a murdered Black boy for Halloween by putting on blackface and pretending he has a bullet would in his chest. The white child and his white people would probably learn nothing except what they already know: Its great to be able to get some laughs, listen to some nigger music, eat some Skittles, drink some Arizona tea, and wash the black off at the end of the day to go back to being squeaky clean white. Consequence free. Not having grow up in and live in that life or die that death, ever.


See how racism just doesn’t cut both ways? Nothing good can come of blackface except showing us who the racists are.


The Black identity and experience is not a fucking costume.


That’s why I always say white people will never know what its like to have people commit racism against them. I would be showing (what appears to be the majority of) them a kindness by even rationalizing that they are the victims of their own racism.


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