I read one of Lena Matthews’ books and it toed the line of Black-white interracial fetishism and stepped over it once or twice even though I enjoyed the book overall (The Blacker the Berry).

After tentatively browsing her titles, I don’t think I’ll be reading anymore of her work. My threshold for this kind of thing is not that high.

Interracial romance is obviously a gimmick with this lady. The way white-Black interracial relationships are fetishized as better than Black/Black and special or preferable by some fellow writers and readers is not only disgusting, it is in and of itself racist. Interracial romance as a whole is usually chock full of colorblind racism, multiculturism, and generally no realistic approach to addressing actual no-questions-asked racism. Its more a compromise not to deal with reality and the pathological racism/anti-Blackness that whites exhibit towards Black women and their race.

Interracial romance usually isn’t a testament to love or anti-racism. Its a smear campaign geared at making everyone who isn’t on the ebony-ivory fetish train look as if they are all bigots of the same caliber to hide the insecurities of interracial fetishists who don’t want to be called out for being colorblind racists. It screams, Look, hey look, we’re not of the same race and we’re making gooey eyes and fucking! See, take that racists!

Its immature and unhelpful.

Interracial fetishists are racists of the worst and highest sort, and they try to use love and equality to obscure the truth of their natures.

Matthews has apparently done some work for Ellora’s Cave, which makes me cringe. I used to skulk around looking for stuff to read there and their interracial romance category is one of the reasons I no longer do so.

If you like to walk on the white side, good for you. But don’t expect some of us to be so easily fooled or swayed by thin plots, glossy settings, and pleas for us to suspend our disbelief. Write it well (and with a little more realism) or expect criticism from readers and writers like me.


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