Since there’s nothing else to watch while I work that’s of any substantial depths or length to keep my mind occupied while I work, I turned to something familiar–

Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I’ve never watched the any of the series that predates my birth, like this one (I’ll be 26 this year), but I’ve seen the movies related to them. I guess its Patrick Stewart but I like Captain Jean-Luc Picard (probably the cadence of his voice :-), haha).

Oooohhhhh, its sooooo racist!

And there’s nothing better or worse than a good story that has racist-sexist-eurocentric-colonialist-white supremacist bumps all along the way. Its amazing how white writers and producers can take the most amazing ideas with the greatest potential, carry them so far, then stick their heads up their asses–taking the whole beautiful idea with them.

tsunade lol

My mom is pretty much a trekker and I see why, the fact still remains. What else should I expect though. The nature of this crap isn’t going to change dramatically in my lifetime. Its just going to turn on that flash and glitter then change its ugly face just a little bit to make most people think they’re looking at something new.


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