I’ve written several posts attempting to elaborate on what just doesn’t gel with me about Doctor Who.

No surprise, Doctor Who is a Loud(ly).White.Dominated.Narrative with a White.Savior.Presented.as.a.God. New acronyms, folks! LWDN! WSPG! Probably won’t catch on though.

There are several things I do like about the show though, still haven’t got around to writing that post…. One thing I like is the composer Murray Gold’s work and how it goes with scenes, emotions, and situations in the show.

My favorite piece of Gold’s is “The Greatest Story Never Told”.

Other songs I like are “Every Star, Every Planet”, “The Dream of a Normal Death”, “The Impossible Planet”, “Vale Decem” (*in tears*), “All the Strange, Strange Creatures”, and “Melody Pond”.

Its amazing how they can produce fictional  sentient life forms but still have no idea how to regularly and fairly portray characters who are not white and are from their own planet. Y’all ain’t ready for space, Oods, or Time Lords yet–please step out of the TARDIS.

But from time to time, the music is still okay….


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