Why were there still dead students laying in the courtyard after they supposedly “disposed of their dead with dignity”?

Why were there more kids running amok on the stairs and in the corridors than there seemed to be in the whole Great Hall in the first place? As a matter of fact, why were non-combatants running amuck in the corridors anyway? These scenes were just annoying in a very Michael-Bay-EXPLOSIONS!!-ACTION!!! kind of way. I don’t remember the book being that messy. As I understand it, Hogwarts is a private school with a select population, for one thing. For another, it was stated in the book that many families didn’t even send their kids back to school because they feared for their safety.

Between both the first and second movies, they only have like eight minutes of extra footage. I kinda wanted to be sitting there watching extra scenes that made the movies at least an hour longer–Lord of the Rings movie trilogy style. Do I need some kind of super deluxe edition or something, or is there really no more to it?

Both movies were rushed and patched together in a way that only people who’ve only ever watched the movies could attempt to understand.

Now I have to read the books again to cleanse my mind and renew the wonders of details and pacing. Unfortunately, my editions are in storage.

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