In the episodes “The Stray” and “Black and White”, Weiss makes overtly racist remarks against Faunus. Yet somehow in the end Blake is made to be the one apologizing for being a member of a group that at first PEACEFULLY protested violent racism and injustice against their entire species by humans and the Schnee company.

Go Team RWBY? I don’t think so, boo.

Weiss would be the kind of white girl who wants to touch your hair and be all “gurrlfriend!” to your face while calling you racist slurs behind your back. There is no innocent version of a character like Weiss. Nice try, RWBY producers. Not.

Every time she opens her mouth, it irks me off. The rest of Team RWBY was passive in the face of Weiss’ unjustified hate of all Faunus and initially her hate of Blake too after she learned Blake was a Faunus. No one ever calls her out except for Blake who then apologizes for doing what she thought was right at the beginning of the White Fang. Meanwhile, Weiss is all “Thankies, teammate, for making me feel safe and justified in my hate by apologizing and reassuring me you’re not like the other dirty Faunus. I accept you now!”.

The best Blake can hope for is lukewarm acceptance from privileged, pasty Weiss. She might as well apologize for being a Faunus too while she’s at it.


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