*Spoilers, of course*

Two shows I can walk away from this season with no regrets are The Walking Dead and The Magicians.

I’m not a fan of Walking Dead. I just watch it with my sister. All the conveniently interracial relationships are fetishistic and racist, like the show itself. Rick and Michonne was the last straw,  I could throw up. Out of all the things Michonne could’ve wanted in the brutal zombie apocalypse world, a crazy white man (who locked her up and held her prisoner the first time they met) happens to be is it? But there’s something I hate more than all the people hooking up at every turn:

Wasting an hour and thirty minutes of my life watching a season finale that literally did not live up to its boasts. Take note: The point of telling an audience that a main character is going to die means you tell them who it is. Don’t hype it up then purposefully fail to deliver like a snickering schoolboy that thinks he’s being clever with some ridiculous prank. Everything the producers did in the Walking Dead season finale could’ve been done in an hour with the extra thirty minutes focusing on Negan’s b.s.

Moving on to Magicians. Which was distasteful for different reasons.

Everybody’s life is horrible, no one is happy at all, the world is all crappy, no one is safe–typical contrived, pumped up on drama-driven style, Magicians is. No surprise there. But what bothered me the most was the violent attack on Julia and the disgusting semen situation. The first time Quentin got a jar from Umber didn’t bother me as much, but then its revealed that Julia was raped, its Alice who drinks the stuff…and the episode ends quickly with a rape hotline number flashing on the screen. They use a Black actor as a false god then have a woman viciously assaulted after giving herself to what she believes is an act of faith.

That said, I’ve been watching SyFy for years. No show that they produce ever lives up to its concepts. This leads me to believe that Syfy is run by a bunch of immature boys appealing to misogynist male audiences and your average graceless boy geek slowly being cut from the same cloth. Like Twilight, like Fifty Shades of Grey, if The Magician books by Lev Grossman are anything like the show, it can’t be worth reading.

*dusting off my hands*

Done with both shows. No need to go any further.


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