Okay, let’s go.

My friend came across RWBY Chibi online and told me about it. As much as I love chibi style, the RWBY producers need to work on strengthening the main story line, not dabbling in some supposed-to-be-fun-lighthearted-and-humorous spinoff.

RWBY doesn’t even live up to its theme songs and some of the character development is questionable. What’s more, I don’t think the viewers are given enough lay-of-land on RWBY’s world. A lighthearted spinoff like RWBY Chibi suggests that the drama is at such a level and intensity that the main show necessitates a lighthearted spinoff. And I disagree. There way too many holes in information provided by the show for RWBY’s universe for the drama it offers to carry any weight.

You can have a spinoff when there’s enough information about the world of your story to create its own very thorough Wikia.


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