I am a prolific fiction writer and blogger.You can contact me at queenlyspeak@gmail.com or ms.queenly@yahoo.com. I have a whole cache of blogs that get updated when they get updated. Follow me on my Twitter MissQueenly or like all this mess on my Facebook page under Ms. Queenly.

3 thoughts on “About Ms. Queenly

  1. just dropped to see what you been up to. writing I guess and if so, then great! Let the pen fly and your imagination rule the worlds. All the best for U!

  2. Queenly,

    I am wondering if there are any novels you do not find fault in? Books you might recommend? Moreover, do you read for enjoyment or only to critique? Also, is any of your writing available to read, as i am interested?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Melissa,

      Your question is kind of difficult for me to answer right now but I’ll do my best. I do read for pleasure, though recently I haven’t found much pleasurable. I am frustrated with the writer’s market in general right now. Primarily, I am not thrilled by three or four things: the romance, romantica, erotica, and paranormal romance markets, the Black writer’s market, the fantasy fiction market, and the lack of integrated intersecting between different genres. I’m sick of reading about white people and pretty white realities (or even ugly ones)–their writers aren’t on my level or my wave length, though they might think they are, and I don’t find it amusing. Writers of color are so pidgeonholed, I don’t know where to look anymore. This is where the critique comes in.

      Maybe I’m not digging enough to really find something good, I admit it, but there’s so much crap floating out there in the literary atmosphere that I don’t know what to do. As I get older, less and less pleases me and holds my attention. I have bins and bins of books, mostly fantasy fiction and romance, that I would like nothing more than to just give away and never see again. The rest I would keep for sentimental reasons and memories of better times when I was more naive and in love with them.

      Right now, there isn’t anything I would recommend unfortunately. If you have any suggestions for me, I’d gleefully appreciate giving it a try.

      You can read some samples of my work at my other blog cradleofchicadas.wordpress.com. I am constantly trying to add better and better work without giving took much away and what’s there right now is what’s there.

      Thanks Melissa!

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