The Blurring of Erotica and Pornography

Erotica may contain more details as to envelop you in the sensual and the details but ultimately, the way it’s written these days, its closer to pornography, which is all about action-action-action. Some writers are in such a rush to give their writing “some class” that they label writing that is clearly pornographic as erotic. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but in the long run, as I said, porno is about sex action, emotions and intention can be rendered irrelevant or unnecessary because its about what people are doing, to an object, to themselves, or to each other…. Or all those things.

An author like Laurell K. Hamilton stays completely away from using any of these words in her writing. Personally, I think its her building up of the characters over time that make most of the sex in her books erotic and I define her work as “erotic horror”. I have to go back and ask myself, How did she write that sex scene without using “dirtier” words…because if she used them, I would definitely remember! Actually, her writing is kind of purple-prosey….

Many Black writers like Zane, who writes erotica, write in certain degrees and variations of Black vernacular, utilizing these words heavily; its been a few years since I read one of Zane’s books, but I still own all the one’s I brought, with the exception of Nervous though I read it. Depending on their usage, I see the character either being frank or just being plain ignorantly vulgar in most cases.

The way people read and perceive sexual language depends on their backgrounds. Sometimes, some sex scenes are just better left out because they go against the flow of the book or seem gratuitous and trashy.


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