Most us have heard of the phrase “mindless sex”. Well, I think portraying sex, the sensual, and the erotic through writing is a different matter. Often, writers are very mindful of how they craft their stories and sexuality and sexual encounters are no exception.

Some artists just let the muse, the character, their own wills, existentialism, and desires, take them where it takes them, they let it carry the pen across the page, or their fingers over the keyboard. But I do feel that artists need to be responsible for what they put out into the world and the artistic community. Write an author’s note or something, you know?

Write some kind of commentary to accompany your work. I don’t think all artwork should be up for interpretation, especially when the author/artist had some intention. I, for one, think that there are enough mysteries into the world. Unless that’s “your thing” or theme, or whatever, don’t make your artwork into one of those mysteries. I, for one, want people to find meaning or at least have an inkling of what my intended meaning was when I put forth my artwork. Some people don’t have one, but if you do, be upfront about it so your reader can try to understand.

Sometime, though, it doesn’t need an explanation and the best writers know when this is.

If it just seems trashy and disgusting, don’t write it unless the story compels you to do so.

If you’re going to write sex, do it expeditiously and for the love of goodness, try to do it with some purpose, intention, taste, and style. Ask yourself every now an again, What did I mean by that?


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