Things I consider when deciding if I am for or against explicit sexual language/content in romantic or erotic writing: 

  1. Does it seem to suit the character or is the language just trashy or gratuitous?
  2. Does it flow or gel with the rest of the book?
  3. Is the language consistent?
  4. Is the way sexuality presented “turning me on” or “turning me off” from the characters, the plot, or the story itself? Do I react to it at all?
  5. Am I uncomfortable with the sexual language and/or sexual situation? Why might they be? What’s good? What exactly is bugging me or grossing me out?
  6. How does the sexual language/sexual content make me feel as I read it? Do I squirm or sigh contentedly? Does my pulse pick up or do I close the book and wish I’d never laid eyes on it?
  7. Do I think the language is tactful and tasteful or, again, is it just trashy?



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