murderers today, saviors tomorrow

I used to like Roy Mustang…but, ya know, now that I’ve seen the 2009 FMA anime, the whole I’m-going-to-help-murder-most-of-you-Ishvalans-now-so-I-can-become-Fuhrer-and-be-the-savior-of-the-handful-of-you-that-are-left-later thing is fucked up to the maximum. Totally unforgivable.

Its just the kind of whacky, racist, multiculturalist-nutmeg-fantasy bullshit I’ve come to expect.

And get this, get this, y’all:

They’re also going to use the Philosopher’s Stone that they created by murdering and ripping hundreds of Ishvalan souls from their bodies to heal Roy even after he slaughtered and burned their people to a crisp during the war.

It seems their country will always be run by war criminals, who kill and brutalize first then try to apologize later. Hmm…wonder if anybody can think of any real-life examples of this in history? ^_^ I desperately wish we could blame these kinds of atrocities on homunculi in real life and unite against them; however our “sins” remain inside of our bodies and apart of us so we can’t blame it on creatures materialized from the other side of the Gate. My wrath and envy are not okay with this.

Of course, the Ishvalans don’t use alchemy, but there’s the question of why a Stone they created using the lives and souls of Ishvalan people would remain in the hands of their murderers for personal use without even asking the Ishvalans (who are underrepresented in the series as a whole except in war scenes where they’re being blown up, shot down, and generally slaughtered)? With the exception of “Scar” and Miles (who is pointedly identified as racially mixed).


Who gets “inner tube” lips, and who gets nice, polite “full” lips

I’m watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, as evidenced by my last post, another instance of racialization that’s irritating me, which is a common characteristic for both racist white comics and Japanese manga artist obviously:

So Olivier Mira Armstrong–yet another (for all intents and purposes) white, blue-eyed, blonde-haired character– is portrayed as having clearly defined “full lips”, while the few characters that can be mistaken for Black or otherwise Of Color (all of which appear to be male officers in the military), are drawn with racist caricature “inner tube” style lips. Its at least two or three of them. And that’s enough of this racist caricature.

Another example of this is seen in Tite Kubo’s Bleach in many scenes of the anime with Yasutora Sado (clearly and  purposefully part Mexican), who is sometimes depicted as having thick inner tube style lips with little to no definition.

Scar & the Rockbells

Its no secret that Japanese manga artists are apparently well-entrenched in glorifying eurocentricism and whiteness.

That being said, as much as I enjoy the nuances of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood storyline/plot, I’m just at a loss for how Scar and the Ishvalans are treated. There are very clear racial messages and undertones in this series, most likely inspired by real-life historical atrocities and realities.

Scar and the Ishvalan race are consistently described and set apart from the Amestrians in appearance as having “brown skin” and “red eyes”. By comparison, Winrey Rockbell–for all intents and purposes, the epitome of a well-off, blue-eyed, blonde-haired white girl–deserves total vengeance/justice for the murder of her parents but the genocide of a huge chunk of Scar’s entire race, including his family by the military of her country, is swept under the rug continuously.

I know–Scar killed Winrey’s parents; even he feels he has gone against the teachings of his people and wishes to pay for his wrongdoing. However, the trauma that caused him to do something so horrible is blatantly ignored, even by Scar himself, who refuses to even try to tell Winry exactly what happened. I’m sure that if he hadn’t been in a state of rage, confusion and unbelievable agony after the trauma of waking to realize what happened to him and his family, Scar never would have willfully killed two innocent doctors who were helping his people.

Just goes to show that two white people’s lives are still valued as worth more than the lives of an entire race of brown folks, even in fiction written by someone who isn’t even white.

And I am still confused on whether or not “full metal” is a compound word or not. Never mind, I’m sure its a compound word….