The Gods of BDB Boardom Have Soken!

The General Manager of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Message Board has spoken! I hath been judged! Having received an official warning, I will be banned if I do not shut my trap!

A thread question to the author has been pulled by mods and I’ve been attacked and ganged up on by hardcore board members all in the same day. 😦

It is official. J.R. Ward’s message board is reserved for hero worship only. My account EliasDiamond will be banned if I do not cease in my inquiries primarily about race and culture, class, sexism, and heterosexism in her books.

I will raise no more topics…online at BDB at least!


I’ll Try to Look at It Like A Social Experiment

All 4 of my threads, “Race Issues in BDB”, “Homoeroticism in BDB”, “A Little Respect: The Ladies in BDB”, and “Rap and Rap Culture in BDB”, have been pulled by the moderators, taken down for “review” after being up for less than a couple of days, some less than a couple of hours. I have asked that even if the mods would like to cut the discussion off for being inflammatory that the threads remain visible as something for members to think about.

My hope may be denied.

More to come on what I think about messageboards in general.